About Dėėn

Simple Person, who loves everything beautiful!  You can call me (Deen Actually my Name is Deena but Din was a previous nickname that everyone mispronounce it XD  I chose it cause it was too short and cute.. but I think Deen (with the double (e) is OKAY )

From 83% Middle East, 16% middle Asia … 1% Europe.  <3 Born in 27th Nov 1980… Yes! I am okay with sharing my age XD

Things I Love to Do : Watch Movies, TV Shows, Anime and sometimes I read Manga, Listen to concerts (Sountracks).

I Also adore crafts and DIY things such as; Crocheting, Knitting, Clays, quilting …. etc

Things I have to fix in Deen: I lack of Time Management =.=! sometimes I become a massive Chaos in everything..but I don’t stay that way though! I come back normally …sometimes ^^!

My Favorite Things: 

Colors? Pink, Blue, Turquoise, light brown and White .

Composers: Hans zimmer, Joe Hisashi, Yuki Kajiura, James Newton Howards, Kenji KawaiFahir atakoğlu, Tchaikovski, Bach ..

Movies: Lord of the Rings, King Kong, White Chicks, Jurassic Park. 

TV show: Game of Thrones, Grey’s anatomy, The walking dead, true blood … and many more 

Anime: Bleach, Inuyasha, Lady Oscar, Naruto Shippuden,  …and manyyyyy Moooore!!!!  for more anime titles check my anime list: www.myanimelist.com

I own a PR company. But let’s not include business here 🙂 

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