Burberry shoes

I was walking with my family and my foot heart then I said I wanted a new shoes and Burberry shop was next to us although there were other reliable sport and comfortable shoes around.

We went inside of course the security opened the door then a sales person welcomed us and asked what are we looking for. I asked about the sneakers and he walked us through to the second floor where handed us over another sales person.

The other sales person -a lady- treated us with kind and served us something to drink and seated us. Then she gave us the iPad to search for what we want. I choose the shoes, tried it, then I bought it. It was about 400£ and does it worth it? I believe yes it does because I feel satisfied with the shoes, brand and the service.

Channel Bag!

My sister Carries a channel bag. When I saw it I liked it and wished to have the same bag. Saw I went to selfridges and co located in Oxford street I prefer it more than harrods because of the decorations and style.

I looked over many bags although I found the same design as my sister but it was 3600£. I wanted to look for something smaller in size and in price.

I liked one and I bought it for 2700£. I felt happy and satisfied. Channel is one of the most prestigious brands and lasts for long time.

IKEA and Only!

As soon as I settled down in my apartment at Nottingham I thought of Ikea immediately because I already have experience with it. Although I passed by a lot of many furniture shops such as Argos and others that are located near me, but I didn’t think of buying nor surf their catalogues.

It took me 45minutes to reach Ikea building by taxi and I knew that already but I didn’t mind. 

I went inside straight to the cupboards and shelves area. I felt like home when I entered inside because the decorations and the style organized furniture are the same every where in Qatar, Dubai and also here in Nottingham!

I bought the Billy cupboards because I like them and I know most of the items so I bought all other furnitures I needed in my apartment. 

I was very happy walking around because Ikea is my number one office, kitchen and TV room furniture. It’s cheap, light, reliable and easy to fix 😍


Eyebrow kit from debenhams, London

I have a dark eyebrow kit that was matching my hair color. I dyed my hair light and I need a new eyebrow kit. Because I always use the make-up forever brand I asked Carrie the UK fashionista where can I find make-up forever brand and she guided me to Debenhams. 

I went to Debenhams at Oxford street. I really felt good because as soon as I entered all the make-up were in front of the gate and the design was light and beside it were the perfumes so it was smelling good to walk around.  I bought the kit for 30£ and I took another lighter shade. It’s the best eyebrow kit I ever used and I am comfortable with it.


Prada shoes or Dior shoes?

The trend is the crystal shoes. I liked how they looked like and most sellable brands with this trend were Dior. I went to Dior brand in Silverages & co. And I tried the shoes they looked nice but the price was very high. I went to next shop which was Prada and I saw the crystal shoes and it was mostly the same price. I checked other designs and colors. I didn’t feel comfortable because I felt these were for younger girls! So I checked another designs in prada and I found simple ones. I sales person were kind to assist me and gave me options and opinions. 

So finally I choose prada and it costed 650£. I was satisfied that I bought it because it is worthy. 

New Printer

I needed a printer to print my assignments at home.

I went to curry PC one with my classmate, I checked the printers and they were organized and orderd in the shelves by price (low to high).

When I was checking I found 30£ which is cheap. But I continued until I reached Samsung laser printers. I know how they work, I can easily adjust the settings and I always buy them back home, almost every year I buy new one. I liked them and I feel comfortable while using them. Plus they are good quality it was costing 70£ and for me this is not very expensive and worth it.